Practice for
systemic therapy, psychotherapy (according to the law HeilprG for naturopaths / alternative practitioners) and trauma counseling

Eva-Maria Gebert-Riess

Certified member of the umbrella organization DGSF

What is systemic therapy?

Systemic therapy represents an important form of psychotherapy besides the classical therapies such as psychoanalysis, behavioral therapy and the humanistic therapies. Systemic therapy is scientifically recognized in Germany since 2008.

Every person lives in and interacts with various “systems”, e.g. the family (present family and family of origin), a partnership, at work, with friends, and so on. From these relationships, especially the family of origin, we develop our abilities and strengths, as well as potentially disturbing behavioral patterns. Meaning, if a member of the system shows abnormalities in behavior (= “the problem”), this member will be seen as the symptom bearer for the entire system. Since system members influence each other in their behavior, problems system members experience are not understood as characteristics of the individual but rather as an expression of (disturbed) communication and the resulting imbalance within the system. Symptoms therefore appear as a useful indication of disturbances within the system even though the bearer himself/herself may suffer from them.

Systemic therapy therefore concentrates on systemic connections and interactions between the people within a system. Counseling proceeds in a solution and resource-oriented manner, where the main focus are a client’s abilities and strengths, that are expressed even within problematic behavioral patterns – although sometimes hidden beneath the surface.

In contrast to other forms of psychotherapy, systemic counselling is short-term oriented. The frequency of the appointments depends on the client’s wishes and goals. Individual sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes.

Of course, one can also take advantage of a single consultation, e.g. if one simply would like to obtain information on a certain topic or wishes to receive a second opinion. Counselling sessions are also suitable as a short intervention in stressful situations if one does not wish to undergo an actual therapy process.

After contacting me by phone or email and describing your concerns, we will arrange a preliminary session. During this initial meeting you will become acquainted with me, we will discuss your topic and targets and specify how I can support you in achieving your goals.

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