Practice for
systemic therapy, psychotherapy (according to the law HeilprG for naturopaths / alternative practitioners) and trauma counseling

Eva-Maria Gebert-Riess

Certified member of the umbrella organization DGSF

Counselling for individuals

Crises and difficult life situations affect everyone in the course of their lives. Psychotherapy (according to the Heilpraktikergesetz) or psychological counselling is useful if you yourself are at a loss, regardless of whether you have an acute problem or a recurring theme. In such cases, systemic therapy or counselling enables you to become an observer of your social reference system and to take an outside view of it, using specifically systemic solution-oriented methods. New perspectives are developed, behavioral patterns are understood, buried skills and resources are activated and constructive, sustainable solutions are developed together. The focus of the counselling is on finding solutions for your current situation and on strengthening your skills and competences.

Possible concerns e.g. may be
  • Support in coping with life crises (e.g. life transitions, loss of important people or caregivers)
  • Recognition and resolution of disturbing (unconscious) beliefs, behavioral patterns and roles
  • Activation of skills and resources and thus promotion of personal growth processes
  • Resolution of inner conflicts, self-doubt
  • Processing of difficult family constellations (present family and family of origin)
  • Generational conflicts
  • Occupational burdens such as stress, lay-off, mobbing, upcoming changes, recurring conflicts with superiors or colleagues
  • Persistent physical symptoms
  • Physical or mental overload, exhaustion and burnout symptoms
  • Searching for a partner
  • Shaping relationships, partnership
  • Support for separation and divorce
  • Target work, decision-making
  • Anxieties and fears
  • Insomnia
  • Overweight as a symptom for mental stress

Eva-Maria Gebert-Riess - Systemische Therapeutin für Einzelpersonen, Paare und Familien
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