Practice for
systemic therapy, psychotherapy (according to the law HeilprG for naturopaths / alternative practitioners) and trauma counseling

Eva-Maria Gebert-Riess

Certified member of the umbrella organization DGSF

My method of operation

As systemic therapist I value your uniqueness. While working with you, it is my special concern to appreciate and strengthen your abilities, and to find alternative courses of action together with you that prove themselves in your day-to-day life. Systemic therapy or counselling works

Sometimes during stressful situations in life we tend to lose sight of our own strengths and abilities. Together we will rediscover them, so you are able to make use of your abilities and strengths again.

Systemic counselling assumes that everybody is the expert for their own life and already holds the solution to the problem at their core, even though accessing it might be difficult at the moment. I will support you in exploring yourself and developing steadfast strategies in order to resolve your burdening issue.

Contrary to other forms of therapy, systemic therapy is short-term-oriented. The frequency of sessions is akin to your needs. Each session takes 60 to 90 minutes. As alternative practitioner and pharmacist a holistic approach is important to me. Thus, I will support you, if you wish, in strengthening your self-healing powers, for example with phytotherapy, homeopathy, or spagyric remedies. Bach flowers also can contribute to one’s wellbeing.

Of course, you can simply book just one single consultation e.g. if you wish to inform yourself on certain topics, or need a second opinion. In addition, consultations are suitable as a brief intervention during stressful situations, in case you don’t wish to go through an actual therapy process.

After contacting me by phone or email and describing your concerns, we will arrange a preliminary session. This session this be face to face or via video. During this initial meeting you will become acquainted with me, we will discuss your issue, wishes and goals, and we will specify how I can support you.

I work with the following methods (among others):
  • Conversational therapy
  • Resource work (strengthening of one’s abilities and competences)
  • Visualization techniques, e.g. sculptures, family board*, rope work
  • Systemic conversation techniques
  • Communication training
  • Systemic Structural Constellations
  • NLP, trance, fantasy journeys
  • Elements of trauma therapy (Somatic Experiencing acc. to Peter Levine and KReST Modell)
  • Resolution of projections and family delegations
  • Individualization work
  • Rituals
  • Interview with the symptom
  • Genogram, family reconstruction
  • Grief work
  • Body therapy
  • Intuitive drawing

The family board is a wooden board on which small figures and symbols representing people are set up, in order to depict inner pictures of systems or processes, similar to Systemic Constellations.

Eva-Maria Gebert-Riess - Systemische Therapeutin für Einzelpersonen, Paare und Familien
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