Practice for
systemic therapy, psychotherapy (according to the law HeilprG for naturopaths / alternative practitioners) and trauma counseling

Eva-Maria Gebert-Riess

Certified member of the umbrella organization DGSF

Counselling for families

Systemic family counselling or therapy makes sense if your family is out of balance and conflicts are accumulating or hardening. The term "family" covers all forms of families, i.e. the classic family as well as single parents, patchwork families, families with adopted children or even adult children and their parents. Depending on the situation, the sessions take place with the whole family, with subgroups (e.g. only the parents, siblings) or with individual members. The aim of systemic family counselling is to strengthen the independence and self-esteem of each family member, to improve communication among each other, to expand the perceptive and active possibilities of each individual and of the entire family system, and to strengthen the cohesion of the whole family. In the event of separation or divorce, systemic counselling helps all those involved to find a respectful way of dealing with each other on a new basis.

A particularly effective systemic technique for portraying familial relationships are the so-called the family sculpture or systemic family constellations. A person uses representatives, wooden figures or floor anchors (e.g. chairs, cushions, paper) to represent their inner image of the family or the situation they are in, thereby taking a bird's eye view of it. On the basis of the constellation depicted, the therapist and the client have a visible picture of the social structure in which the client lives and by which he or she is influenced. Relationship constellations, conflicts and unconscious dynamics within the family that perpetuate the problem become visible, understandable and thus changeable.

Possible concerns e.g. may be
  • Improvement of communication between family members
  • Recognition of stressful behavior patterns and their effects
  • Processing of and coming to terms with difficult family constellations (original and present family)
  • Coping with parenting problems
  • Resolving generational conflicts
  • Support during separation process and divorce

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