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systemic therapy, psychotherapy (according to the law HeilprG for naturopaths / alternative practitioners) and trauma counseling

Eva-Maria Gebert-Riess

Certified member of the umbrella organization DGSF

Systemic (Family) Constellations

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Systemic family constellations are a proven method for resolving unconscious patterns and conflicts in families. The Systemic Structural Constellations by Dipl. Psych. Dr. Insa Sparrer and Prof. Mathias Varga von Kibéd (SySt® Munich) are a particularly effective further development and extension of family constellations, not only for use in family systems but other systems as well, and differ from the constellations according to Bert Hellinger in their solution and resource orientation, among other things. “Systemic" refers to the constellation in which a client lives or has lived, meaning important events in his or her life respectively within the lives of members within the client’s family system and which can have an influence on the client's physical and psychological wellbeing. Present-day problems and difficulties the client is facing may be influenced by important events or traumas suffered by himself / herself or by other family members e.g. in previous generations of the family, even if those affected are unaware of the original event.

In constellations, people (“representatives”) are placed in the room on behalf of the client and his / her issue and represent people from the client’s system who are involved in the development and perpetuation of the client’s issue. The positioning of the people is done intuitively according to the client’s inner image of the problem and the relationship of the involved people resp. involved aspects to each other.

From their position representatives can perceive and articulate feelings and sensation that mirror those of the real family members they represent. This phenomenon is called "representative perception" or “the Knowing Field”. The Systemic Structural Constellation method developed by Sparrer and Varga de Kibed can be applied not only to family issues, but to many other topics as well, such as disturbing and harmful behavioral patterns, life or energy blockages, professional stressors, family conflicts, couple’s crises, recurring topics within a person’s life, decision-making issues etc. In recent years Systemic Structural Constellations have proven to be supportive in healing physical symptoms and diseases. A systemic constellation can uncover and dissolve such systemic entanglements. According to experience, this is often very helpful for healing processes. This experience is supported by the findings in the science of psychoneuroimmunology. They have recognized how decisively the psyche, life circumstances, and mental conflicts influence a person’s health.

Systemic Structural Constellations are consistently solution-focused and resource-oriented and differ from family constellations according to Hellinger not only in this point. The possible resolution of the issues the client is facing, that are shown by the Systemic Structural Constellation, are thus particularly relieving, at times often reconciliatory, for the client.

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